If you have played Premier Roulette and are wondering just what the difference is between that and the American version, the answer is not very much, though Microgaming have tweaked the gaming interface to create a whole new Casino games experience.


The first noticeable difference between Microgaming’s American Roulette to its European cousin is the angle of view of the Roulette wheel. The European wheel has more of a realistic feel to it, though the birds eye view of the layout reveals it as more of a game. In American Roulette, the developer has switched the view so the whole table – layout and wheel – looks more realistic together but more like a game as a whole.

The other major difference is the speed at which the ball finds its pocket in American Roulette, which gives it much less of a realistic feel. The distance of the wheel also makes it necessary for a view magnifier at the bottom left of the screen – a useful addition but one that detracts from the realism of the game.

A helpful voice also states that there must be “no more bets please” in a thick american accent – another clue as to which game we’re playing!


American Roulette has no need of the traditional French bets, so gone are the Voisins du Zero and similar bets on the left hand edge of the screen. Overall this gives the game a more streamlined aesthetic, and gives the game table room to spread out.

The betting in American Roulette is much more straightforward, though hovering your cursor over each bet will no longer bring up the bet info pop-up box that details the pay amount and minimum and maximum bets. Conversely you have to cycle through chips at the top of the screen rather than simply click them from a line. The American Roulette wheel also includes a 00 as well as a 0, meaning that the odds against winning in straight bets are slightly higher here: 37-1 rather than 36-1.


For those new to Roulette, this American version may be an easier introduction to the game, but seasoned players may well prefer the added features of the European version. The decision not to include the extra bet information pop-up box in American Roulette is strange as it makes the less complicated game more complicated. Go figure!