Who hasn’t dreamed of waltzing into Montecarlo looking like Bradley Cooper and throwing down some blazing hands on the Blackjack table? Thanks to NextGen Gaming we can do exactly that with Blackjack Pro Montecarlo Singlehand, and we don’t even have to leave the comfort of our own homes to play top Casino games. Now that’s what I call a 3:2 payout.


Like a conscientious lover NextGen Gaming have got us in the mood for BlackJack in the only way they know how – by setting this casino scene with a smooth and funky riff that could be the soundtrack to an 80s soft core movie. Add to that the sassy British tones of the croupier and we are already letting our gaming robes drop to the floor as we ease into this BlackJack hot tub.

Suitably in the mood, we can bet between a reasonable chip range of between $/£/€0.02 to $/£/€2. Okay, so we may be walking in like Bradley Cooper but we are only betting like Mini Cooper, which does at least mean we won’t end up with Bradley Cooper’s bar bill. However, this is just chip range. Blackjack Pro Montecarlo Single-hand doesn’t have any betting limits as such, so we can roll as high or swing as low as we like.

Following the initial round of betting we make no more bets, the cards are dealt and we can then choose to “Hit” for another card or “Stand” where we are, and with the game played with six decks we are free to draw our own line in the sand.


Any bonuses in BlackJack – apart from the music and the sultry tones of the croupier – revolve around the standard payouts. Blackjack Pro Montecarlo Singlehand uses classic Blackjack payouts, so we can expect a 1:1 payout for most wins. The easiest and quickest way to bump up our winnings is to score Blackjack – 21 from our two hole cards in the form of an Ace and a 10 or face card – which pays out 3:2. Any time the dealer draws an Ace for her first card we have the option to pay for insurance, which means we hand over another 50% of our bet. If the dealer draws Blackjack we then receive a 2:1 payout, which means we are up overall in terms of bankroll and mood.


Hardcore Blackjack to a soft-core theme tune? What could go wrong? NextGen have created an online casino masterpiece using its unique blend of funky and fast-paced game-play, leaving us very much up for a trip to Montecarlo for real.