Do you ever wish that you had more than two hands? Dealing with the kids? Playing Blackjack? Meeting a three-breasted alien in a bar on Mars? Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack Gold Series Multihand gives us the classic gameplay and Blackjack feel of its Gold Series range of table games with a multihand element that lets us play with ourselves. Or rather, play against ourselves. For a second we were back in that bar on Mars.


Fans of Classic Blackjack Gold Series will instantly recognise the light green felt and colourful chip stack, neat betting interface and smooth lilting jazz that accompanies our gameplay. But instead of a single bet space on the table we now have five hand possibilities. Microgaming’s Quickfire platform does what is says on the tin, making the gameplay super-quick. There is no lag if we choose to play five hands, no slowing down of gameplay. The betting interface and Rebet features also keeps our gameplay fizzing along.

The Multihand option means that playing five hands over one allows us to add an extra element of strategy against the house. Blackjack offers the highest RTPs of all online casino table games, making players’ hands stronger against the house. By including other hands over which we have control we have a greater edge when it comes to Blackjack strategy. With potentially four hands to win, we could choose to sacrifice one hand to push up the percentages of the dealer landing a higher card, for example. For reasons of strategy, seasoned Blackjack players tend to prefer Multihand rather than single hand games.


Bonuses in Blackjack remain down to any hands with which we beat the dealer. The ultimate hand is Blackjack – 21 from our first two cards. Blackjack pays 3:2, giving us a 15.00 payout plus our 10.00 stake from a 10.00 bet (in our example, an overall return of 25.00). Any non-blackjack wins land us payouts of 1:1, a 10.00 payout from a 10.00 bet. Insurance wins pay 2:1, and if you have never used insurance here is the low-down.

When the dealer lands an Ace on her first card, she offers us Insurance against her landing Blackjack. We pay her half of our original bet per hand. If the dealer has Blackjack, we earn a 2:1 payout, which results in an overall net win. If the dealer does not have Blackjack and we win, our net win remains. Only if the dealer does not have Blackjack and we still lose the hand(s) do we lose money on Insurance bets.


Blackjack is one of the most simple table games to play in any online casino. Thanks to Microgaming’s Quickfire engine the gameplay in Classic Blackjack Gold Series Multihand is speedy and allows us extra room for strategy thanks to our options for Multihand play.