For anyone outside of the US, this sounds like a high stakes game that would be played in the Wild West. Thanks to the wonders of modern iGaming technology we can enjoy Deuces Wild poker in the comfort of our own surroundings. Cigars and bourbon are optional.


Like any poker game in a brick and mortar casino Deuces Wild poker would be a community game, only played with Wild Deuces. (For anyone not used to U.S. Lingo, Deuces are 2s.) All 2s are Wild, substituting for all other cards. Not to be confused with Wild Horses. They are something else altogether. But to make this game accessible and playable as a lone gamer we effectively play against the house, or the dealer. This makes the whole affair a heck of a lot more straightforward, what with us not having to play the whole bluffing game and all.

Microgaming have used some techniques to recreate a realistic poker experience. For instance, the game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, shuffled before each game, and all bets must be placed before your hand is drawn. Unlike community games in which betting increases, we have just one initial betting round during which we must make our bet according to the pay-table. This speeds up gameplay, and with betting ranging from 1 to 5 coins and clearly displayed above the game we can easily select or deselect each bet.

Hitting “Deal” will deal a new set of five cards, and our ultimate aim is to land at least three-of-a-kind for a minimum payout and the chance to double our bet. We can hold any card we like before the “Draw” – the deal of the next set of cards – by simply selecting that card. Any winning hand we have after the draw yields a payout determined by the pay-table.


Anyone familiar with the hands of poker will recognise the payouts detailed on the pay-table. The payout for each hand is multiplied dependent on our first bet, so if we bet 1 coin and land a straight we will win 2 coins, while the same hand will recoup 10 coins from a Max Bet of 5 coins. Naturally, the higher we stake the higher the prize, with a maximum prize of 4,000 coins available if we land a Natural Royal Flush on a Max Bet hand.

We can double any winning hand we score using the game’s Double Feature. The dealer flips a card, and we must blind-pick a card from the remaining four that will match or beat the dealer’s card in value. Success will mean we can keep doubling our bet by continuing to pick higher cards, and we can opt to Collect after any winning trick.


Microgaming have succeeded in bringing the play-ability of poker to the i Gaming table. The game’s simplicity makes it easy to pick up, so newbies to poker can settle easily into it. Add to this the simple but highly playable bonus Double Feature and you’ll soon be wondering how the dawn can be coming up on the saloon windows already.