For any players who come to European Roulette Gold Series having played Microgaming’s other table Casino games, you may be forgiven for thinking that the Gold Series will be like the World Series, and this is the best of the best of roulette tables.

Well, it isn’t. That’s not to say that it’s not good, but it is one in a smorgasbord that allows you to suck and see, to taste the cheese before you do a deal. So the question is…are you ready for cheesy fingers?


You may be forgiven for thinking that European Roulette Gold Series is actually American Roulette that has been given a once over. The table has that washed-out green felt aesthetic that accompanies Premier Roulette – apparently this season’s must-have in Europe – but has the set-up of the angle on the American and French wheels rather than the sumptuous wheel spin of Premier Roulette. The pop-up win window also works well to highlight the winning number without detracting from game-play.

However, one triumph in the name of diversity is the use of a British woman as the croupier. While some of our European cousins may scoff at a Brit becoming the voice of their Roulette table given the British public’s seeming desperation to escape from the EU, it does give the croupier an air of soothing authority, which is relaxing when it is someone to whom you have to hand over your money.


The betting interface in European Roulette Gold Series is as easy to use as in any of Microgaming’s table games. Cycle through your choice of chips at the layout edge and click on a bet you wish to make, hold shift and click to reduce that bet by that chip amount.

You also don’t have to be an expert to use the expert tab. Here we can find the layouts tab in which we can select our eight favourite bets and save them as a layout. This allows you to cycle through your favourite eight at the touch of a button, making it easy to naturalise your system. That may sound like a colonic offer, but for that you’re on your own.


European Roulette Gold Series may appear identical to American and French Roulette on the surface, but it is both more refined in game-play and in betting structure. The easy to use tabs and redesigned pop-up window make betting and systemising easier. Plus you have a sultry British croupier soothing you on.

What more could you want?