I know what you’re thinking – is there really a European Roulette and a French Roulette? Well, turns out our French cousins are a bit touchy about wanting their own things labelled correctly. Sound familiar?

French Roulette Gameplay

The French Casino games table is almost identical to the American Roulette table, but in French (naturally!). The layout does somehow seem classier – the diamond red and black bets and dozen bets at the end of the table with odds and evens on either side have a more authentic feel. Passe and Manque replace the 1-18 and 19-36, but again the cursor highlights the bet you will place when you hover over each bet, so you don’t need your French phrasebook.

Oddly enough, though, the croupier calls “No more bets please” in that square American accent! This loses some of the French identity otherwise injected by the authentic French table, and I can only imagine it would be for fear of players not understanding the French accent.


Increasing or decreasing bets is as easy in the American layout – left click on your chosen bet to place a chip, hold shift and click to decrease by the same amount. To change your chip, cycle through the chips at the top of the table.

The French Roulette betting system does allow for the whole scape of bets allowable in original French casinos, which means that you can experiment with exotic sounding betting combinations that roll off the tongue such as Tiers Du Cylindre and Finales a Cheval.

This extra scope for betting does allow you to find a strategy that works for you while at the same time letting you pretend that you are in fact in Monaco.


Though this classic French Roulette version has many similarities to the American game it has just enough to make it a worthy change. The classy layout of the table is more attractive, even if the chip betting interface is more clunky than in European Roulette.

To add that soupçon of je ne sais quoi we can just add in our own French soundtrack – perhaps to the tune of Daft Punk or Moon Safari by Air.