What happens when a game developer renowned for mixing casual games with slots decides to take on a straight-up Casino games classic? Why, Gamevy’s European Roulette happens, that’s what. Fans of the studio’s other slots might be awaiting some quirky take on this vintage online casino game. Instead, Gamevy has chosen to deliver a classic take on Roulette that brings all of the studio’s game development skill to deliver smooth, seamless game-play and fresh visuals to update a classic casino game.


With as many Roulette casino games as there are casino developers, it can be difficult for titles to stand out. Iron Dog Studio’s excellent 3D European Roulette placed plenty of emphasis on the 3D aspect of the game, utilising excellent graphics to set itself apart from its peers. Here, Gamevy’s European Roulette takes a bird’s eye view of our Roulette betting layout. Simply clicking a straight up number or a selection of any other inside or outside bets will add our chips onto the layout. We then press the trademark “Spin” button to spin the Roulette wheel, which appears in place of the betting layout. The wheel spins, the ball whizzes around and lands – hopefully – on our selection. Then, the wheel melts away, leaving us once more at our betting layout.

Not only is the graphical quality smooth and seamless, but Gamevy also adds some nice touches to our betting facilities. For example, we have the option to autoplay – not a feature always found at Roulette tables – which allows us to play for up to 100 spins. That said, we’d better be happy we want to keep the same Roulette bet for 100 spins, which comes down in the end to each player’s own Roulette strategy.


The bonuses involved in European Roulette revolve around the kind of bets we make. And all kind of bets will have betting limits. For example, the betting limit for a straight up number on Gamevy European Roulette is 10.00. The payout for a single number is 35:1, yielding a 350 payout. But we could score on numerous fronts. Should we bet on 13 black, for example, as well as black, odd, middle dozen and line bet, we can earn multiple payouts for the same bet. Multiple betting functionality is, therefore, our key to earning the biggest Roulette bonus payouts possible.


Gamevy’s European Roulette is a fine addition to the Roulette family. The blending from the layout to the spinning wheel is effortlessly achieved, and Gamevy seems to have thought of everything when it comes to betting options and play-ability. The only gripe new players might have is in the help they get when choosing specialist inside bets – Streets, Corners, Lines and the like. Some Roulette tables will highlight the numbers involved in such bets, but not so here. To counter this, Gamevy does include a full list of bets in the pay table and it does encourage players to get to grips with inside bets quickly.

Gamevy European Roulette Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
N/A N/A 1.00 100 N/A N/A 97.3% N/A 2016