You can imagine the pitch now – “Roulette is great, heck it’s a classic. But you know what we could do to make Roulette more exciting? Have eight wheels spinning at once!” To make it work Microgaming have paired back the game-play, but the result will have your brain boggling with systems to win at the online casino equivalent of spinning plates. Ladies & Gentleman I introduce the Casino Kings Multi Wheel Roulette Online casino games gem.

Multi Wheel Roulette Gameplay

Okay, so the first thing to notice about Multi Wheel Roulette is, well, that there are multiple wheels! Eight of them in fact. This means that there is pretty much no room for anything other than the layout and the eight spinning wheels, the results of which are both positive and negative.

On the positive side, the developers have made all the wheels different so they don’t hurt your eyes as much. Naturally it is impossible to follow the balls on all eight wheels so each wheel fades through in turn to reveal close ups of each ball’s resting place – a neat way of revealing the results. These windows also detail the results history so you can track the winning numbers as you go.

On the negative front you do have to wait until all eight wheels have stopped – which makes sense otherwise you can’t know what your winnings will be – and although this does slow the game down somewhat, Microgaming have included a Fast Spin feature which can cut out the lengthy chase and get straight to the sweet nectar of the winnings.


In terms of betting, Multi Wheel Roulette raises the stakes to max. If you place a regular bet, you place that bet on every wheel so you multiply your bet x8. A regular 2 credit bet on 1-18, for example, will result in a total bet of 16 credits. On the returns side, however, this does mean that the potential for winnings is also multiplied x8. The risk is greater, but the winning potential is just as great.

Bet navigation is even more straightforward than in some other Roulette games in Microgaming’s stable. The Racetrack tab releases the extra bets found in traditional Roulette – Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre and Les Orphelins – expanding the gameplay and betting and taking them both to the bridge, while the bet layout save option allows you again to save your favourite bets to make playing them easier.


Spinning eight Roulette wheels simultaneously is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who like to live hard and play hard this game could be the tonic for a hard week in work. And if you’re the type that wants results yesterday, you don’t even have to wait for the wheels to stop of their own accord.