If you thought that Premier Roulette was good, wait until you clap your eyes on Microgaming’s Premier Roulette Diamond Edition. It glints and gleams like deep down it’s made of carbon. And in fact, it is. As are we all. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, other than to the Roulette Table. The Diamond Roulette table.


Let’s face it, a developer like Microgaming wouldn’t call it a Diamond Edition if it was a leaking bag of offal, and right from the off we can see that real thought has gone into making this version better than its predecessor. The game retains the sumptuous 3D roulette wheel, but this times it turns to the soft lilt of a jazz piano and the inaudible murmurings of Casino games conversation. The layout is also 3D, which brings a touch of added realism, and welcome too is the sultry and soothing sounds of the English lady croupier. She can handle my money any day.


With an easy-to-navigate chip selection you wonder where this game will diversify. Then you keep scrolling up along the chips until you find the ones you not only don’t recognise but kind of wish that you hadn’t found, like finding your best friend’s hand-made bespoke Christmas bike on Christmas Eve. Bets range between 0.25 – 1K, which at least gives us something to aspire to and lets us know that they don’t only call it the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition for the sumptuous game-play.

However, one criticism that can be labelled at this version is the almost hidden experts tab. The tab is located on the bottom credits bar at the opposite end, and, once found, expands those extra bets that form part of the allure of traditional casino Roulette, while the ability to save six layouts lets you flit between favourite bets quickly and easily. Likewise the Re-bet and Re-betX2 functions make systemising your betting easier.


The game-play of this version is undoubtedly superior to those gone before it. The atmosphere it creates makes you want to be part of it, rather than putting your headphones in and shuffling your way through the Bee Gees back catalogue while you spin some wheels. The betting and re-betting functions also smooth the ride, leaving the only thing you need for that true casino experience is a smartly dressed waitress offering you a complimentary cocktail.