What do we expect from an instant game? A slot transformed into a scratchcard version? Sure, they’re great, bringing back fond memories of its slot parent. But it’s always nice to have a bit of variety. And variety is what 1×2 Gaming offers on its Sharp Shooter game. Combining the look and feel of an Online casino games with the simple game of rolling dice, we can enjoy simplicity in style.


Being called Sharp Shooter you’d be forgiven for thinking that this instant win scratchcard game would take the form of a classic shoot ‘em up. There is no shooting involved in this game whatsoever. Instead it harks back to the Old West where cowboys would “sharp shoot” by playing dice in the saloon. That sentiment has been updated for the modern, online age but we can still feel like a cowboy when we play. Set against a red table, it almost feels like we’re playing a card game but there are no cards on show, just dice. And it’s up to us, and the dealer, to get rolling.

The game is easy to play. We make a bet and the dealer rolls three dice. We then have our roll of the three dice. The aim of the game is to match the numbers that the dealer rolled. So if they rolled a two, a three and a four, those are the numbers we need. If we match those numbers then we win. For example, if we rolled a two, a five and a six then our two would counteract the dealer’s two. Then we only need to try and get a three and a four with our next two rolls of the dice. Each dice we eliminate from the dealer gives us a payout, and it’s actually pretty doable to get all three. The feeling of being a Wild West dice champion is indescribable.


There are no bonuses to speak of on Sharp Shooter, but we can’t expect an instant win to be abundant with them, especially on one so simple to play. The real bonuses here are the payouts, which depend on how many rolls it takes to match the dealer’s three numbers. If we match it on the first roll, the game pays out 8:1; on two rolls it’s 7:5 and on three it’s 1:2. And, surprisingly, the house edge is relatively low at 4.4%, which means we’ve got a good chance of winning more regularly. Sharp Shooter can also be enjoyed on our mobiles and tablets, so whenever we want a quick game to play that makes us feel as if we’re sitting in an Old West saloon, we know where to go.


In Sharp Shooter 1×2 Gaming has given us another instant win game to enjoy. It’s quick, it’s fun and it pays out well. Hey, that could be the theme tune for Sharp Shooter (we need to get in touch with 1×2). Next time you’re beating the dealer you can hum that in your head. Or out loud. Just remember where you heard it first.