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The European Roulette exudes sophistication and you’ll get that impression by the classy, cutting-edge graphics on the game. As a classic online casino game European Roulette has only one zero for you to bet on, whereas the American version has two. Now that you know, it’s time to take to the table. On the screen you’ll see the betting table in front of you. You’ll also see the chips – simply select the amount you want to bet, place them on the table and off you go. Once you’ve made your bet, hit the spin button and you’ll see the roulette wheel spin, before the ball hopefully lands on your chosen number! It’s one of the easiest casino games to play but comes with lots of different betting options – that’s what makes it so good!


Placing bets on The European Roulette is easy. You can place a chip on your favourite number (and then you’ll really win big). Or you can place it on different areas on the table, such as the even or odd section, red or black, or the other sections. That includes the first, second and third 12 (so numbers one to 12, then 13 to 24 etc). Each of these areas pay out differently – simply look at the in-game menu or onscreen to find out just how much each payout is worth. As you can place bets all over the table you can start utilising some roulette strategy to maximise your payouts.


Despite being called The European Roulette, there’s still a big focus on French when it comes to the extra bets. Just as in casino games like French Roulette the following are the best bets to make on the racetrack which is the thing that well…looks like a racetrack on the screen.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Voisins du Zero

This option lets you place a bet on the neighbours of zero on the table, so 22 to 25.

Tiers du Cylindre

This option lets you place a bet on the third part of the wheel, so essentially is the numbers 33 all the way to 27.


The most daring of the racetrack options, there are two segments – 9, 31, 14 and 20 – while on the other side – 17, 34 and 6. It looks odd with the number placements but is one of the most rewarding if you land within it.

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