Who doesn’t want a Diamond Deal? Any card player will tell you that’s the dream. But it’s not cards we are dealt in this casual game from Gamevy, this is a Diamond Deal Slot game-show, and we are the stars. With a $/£/€1,000,000 jackpot up for grabs, there’s plenty of opportunity for us to be doing the dealing of the diamonds.


Any gamer who has come across Gamevy’s casual games in the past will immediately recognize the developer’s stamp across this game. A neat, almost aspirational, soundtrack keeps us company. Our game board – a TV studio – is lit by bright stage lights, the purple styling doing plenty to make us check our hair and make-up. The board is up in lights, and on the board sit 50 square screens. Behind each screen sits either a diamond…or nothing. We choose our stake at the beginning of each game – between $/£/€1–$/£/€10. Our mission is to find the 10 diamonds hidden on the board, but we only have four lives to do it.

Our lives are lighted orbs at the top right of the game board. When we lose a life, one of the lights in these orbs goes out. This gives us a very real representation of what we need to do with each pick. When we find a diamond, our lives regenerate, giving us another four chances to find more diamonds.


So there are 10 diamonds hidden on the board. If we land 10 Diamonds in a row, we are looking at a whopping top prize of $/£/€1,000,000. But that’s not to say that we have to find 10 in a row to make this game pay. At the top of the screen the Next Diamond Wins tab highlights how much prize money we will bag when we turn over our next diamond. At the bottom of the screen, we can Cash Out our prize at any time. So the choice is ours. Do we take the winnings we’ve got or do we carry on hunting for the bigger picture? Do we stick or do we twist?


This is an interesting and playable casual game from Gamevy, not least because it flips the usual Gamevy mechanism of uncovering symbols until we find negative symbols that stop our game – as in Red Card or Epic Gems. The four-life mechanism may seemingly make this game harder, but it also offers a handsome reward of a $/£/€1,000,000. We must choose wisely if we are going to make this gameshow a Diamond Deal of our own.

Diamond Deal Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank N/A N/A 1.00 10 1 1 92% x9,380 2016