From all of those bleach and cleaning product adverts you would swear that germs aren’t to be trusted. Well, if they are as cute, friendly and, above all, generous as these sweet and sneezy slime balls then I say we rise up against the medical and scientific elite and wipe snot all over each other pronto!


I’m not sure if this is one of the Scratchcards online,  an instant or a weird and funky slot?  Perhaps more in the Online casual games category. Whatever it is, these germs are out of this world and by far the most playable bacteria I have ever come across. So to speak. They come in five different shapes and colours, and each has his…her…its own multiplier. The multipliers of the germs are stated to the right hand side of the reel case.

The reels of germs spin sideways, accompanied by what can only be described as a plopping noise. This is one game that has its tongue firmly in the toilet bowl. If we land three or more germs in a row either horizontally or vertically, those germs will explode, presumably zapped by some super detergent.

Each win is paid per germ and multiplied by our bet per line, but once each row of germs have been zapped they are replaced by yet more germs – as is the case in real life. If more winning lines of germs are created when the others fall into the germ case – or Petri dish, if you will – then they too will explode if they form winning combinations, as in a Rolling Reels, Tetris or Candy Crush stylee.


For such a simple game, this title does also boast a Medi-Bonus bonus feature. If we land three or more medicine capsules anywhere in the Petri dish then we get to choose one variety of germ to eliminate from the dish (like the mad scientists we are…Mwahahahahaha!). And for such a small, simple game this is where our tactics must come into play. While it may be against every fibre of our being to destroy the most valuable germs – those with the highest multipliers – this continuous cascade of bacteria may actually mean that removing the more valuable will lead to more numerous wins. The scientific mind wins again!


Microgaming may well have developed a new strain of instant game that is as contagious as its subject matter. Big wins are at stake thanks to the addition of a strategy element, making this much more than just an instant and will have you reaching for the tissues.