Apparently this initial series of Microgaming Online casino games titles came without the prefix. Then heads of state from across the globe began to play it, so they added the Premier. Fortunately you don’t have to be in politics to enjoy its classic gameplay and funky Hi-Lo bonus option. You shmooze you lose!


As ever with Microgaming online casino games this version of Blackjack is as smooth as Ben Kingsley’s bonce. The visuals let you zone in on the action – the 3-D table with the dealer opposite. The cards slip out of the dealer’s shoe with easy finesse, totalled for you by the game and the sultry voice of an angel so you don’t have to do the maths. This, like many in-game features, is customisable. In fact, if you like to make yourself at home when playing online casino games then this might as well be your Holiday villa in the Algarve. Minus the heat.


Players often prefer blackjack for the quick fire simplicity of the game – one man against the dealer, cards drawing quickly to reach a rapid – and hopefully winning – conclusion allowing for quick game turnover. So hands off to Microgaming for producing a bonus game that does not detract from the overall gameplay.

The bonus game is a straight Hi-Lo affair, though as a grammar-lover I can never really get over the spelling of “Hi” and “Lo”. This is an optional bet, though if you aren’t really interested in the Hi-Lo bonus there’s no real point in playing this version of the game – Premier Multi-Hand is just as accessible from the Change Table tab at the bottom of the layout. Players can bet the minimum or the maximum on the bonus bet, 1-200 credits. “Lo” bets are placed at between 1-12, “Hi” bets between 14-20, with payouts of 1:1. Land a 13 and you will scoop a cool 10:1.


After the success of Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo, the rumours doing the rounds are that Microgaming are aiming to bring out the sequel called Premier Blackjack Dolly-o-Pepper. It sounds like a hoax to me, but if it is true and it’s going to be anything like this version, we can’t wait.