With a name like Iron Dog Studio, it would be easy to conjure up images of a hard-line company with a no-nonsense attitude. Despite being UK-based, Iron Dog didn’t take its name from the Iron Lady, Maggie Thatcher (or her pets), but that doesn’t mean it’s going to take any nonsense.

As part of the 1x2Gaming house, Iron Dog Studio made a name for itself back in the summer of 2017 (they’ll write a song about that one day) when it hit the online gaming scene. Its mission statement is to create new concepts that entertain and provide a superior gaming experience. Drawing on the power of 1x2Gaming, it seems that Iron Dog is able to offer exactly that, as we’ve seen with its innovative Neon Jungle, Blood Queen and Morai Blaze slots.

While 1x2Gaming expands on its lottery, casino and betting products, the role of slots creators extraordinaire has fallen to Iron Dog. Its main focus, therefore, is on creating fan favourite slots that stand out from the crowd, along with popular table classics. Look to its 3D Roulette and 3D Blackjack releases for superb examples of such. That’s why its portfolio is still relatively small but, as the company goes from strength to strength, no doubt its list of games will too.

During the first year of Iron Dog’s launch, we saw the studio release a generous selection of slots. What makes Iron Dog different to others out there is the focus on quality not quantity. It’s known for producing slots that have innovative bonus features and themes but also boast visuals that grab our attention from the minute the slots load up.

Moirai Blaze has become one of Iron Dog’s most popular slots and after just a few spins we can see why. A slot based on…religion? Yep. Played across a seven by seven grid, it’s more Candy Crush than slot spin so appeals to a wide range of gamers – slots fans and instant win gamers alike. Add the Hindu deities and Free Spins feature, and we find a new way to celebrate Diwali. It’s a bold decision by the studio to celebrate subject matters like this, but it pays off. The attention to detail on every aspect, from design through to features, is just one of the trademarks of Iron Dog slots.

As a UK-based company, it makes sense that Iron Dog is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Which it is. As it’s part of the 1x2Gaming network, it also benefits from other licences too (including Malta, Gibraltar, Italy, and Spain), meaning players across the world can enjoy its slots and table games.

It looks like Iron Dog Studio has the resolve and the wherewithal to be a lasting power in the online gaming industry, proving itself with each game release. Perhaps it is named after Maggie, after all.

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