Nextgen’s got gems. And guess what? They’re giant. In fact, the Aussie studio has a number of gems in its glittering tiara of slots. The Giant Gems Slot is not only representative of the studio’s wider body of work, it is also a five reel, 10 pay-line game that takes classic slots play and makes it giant. Like three-by-three symbols giant. And that’s big.


If you were to have a guess as to what the high-paying symbols would be in a game called Giant Gems, what would you think? Gems? Big ones? Spot on, Columbo! The Nextgen staple 10s through Aces make up our low-payers, and when we say classic game-play, we mean it. The Giant Gems slot has classic written all over its chops, from the style of artwork to the fonts and blue highlights, red and gold buttons and garish purple Pay Table toggle. And 10 pay-lines? That’s about as classic as it comes.

However, in a neat twist, Nextgen operates the Pays All Ways system, meaning that any three or more symbols landing on a winning pay-line are winners, regardless of whether or not they originate from left-to-right, right-to-left or snuggled in the middle.


But what of the Giant Gems in the title? Is it just that the Gems that form our high-paying symbols are our tickets to big winnings? No! Don’t be silly! We have the option to click the Fortune Spins button to do away with our low paying symbols altogether. An Increasing Bet Table pops up. When we select the Bet Up function we can up our side bet multiplier x1, x3, x5, x7 or x9. Nextgen apparently prefers odd numbers.

This may seem like Greek to you (unless you’re Greek, in which case it will sound like Martian). So good job Nextgen includes a visual representation of what each bet multiplier actually means, namely that as we increase our bet multiplier we incrementally remove the game’s low-paying 10s through Aces. We can, therefore, play a x9 bet multiplier and choose to play with only high-paying Gem symbols. Furthermore, playing these side bet multipliers activates the Giant Gems feature. As we spin our reels we will notice huge three-by-three Giant Gem symbols spinning by. Landing one of these on the centre reels takes up three reels, and offers between a x100 bet-per-line multiplier for the Purple Gem and a x500 bet-per-line multiplier if we land the Diamond.


Classic, yes. But we can see in the Fortune Spins feature the origins of Nextgen’s game-changing Double Play™ and Superbet™ features. As with those features, the Fortune Spins activation is our key to big wins in Giant Gems. But there are big wins to be had, and my aren’t they shiny?