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Best Halloween Themed Slots [2023]


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If you like blood-curdling chills, with your online slot thrills, prepare yourself for the worst. Join us, as we grab a shovel, stumble into the dark, stormy, night and weave our way through a broken graveyard, in search of ghoulish games to disinter – it’s our review of the best Halloween Themed Slots.

Top Halloween Themed Slots

Happy Halloween or Cannibal Holocaust? When it comes to online slot games with a horror or Halloween bent, you’ll find it all here. We’ve dug up the corpse and laid it on the slab. We got the spooktacular slots, the fang-tastic games, and every corny pun this side of a cemetery. Join us as we spin for our lives and find out what games have got the wow woo whoa! factor.

Lucky Halloween

Lucky Halloween Slot
Lucky Halloween Slot

Play Lucky Halloween Now

"When a game features a haunted cupcake with batwings, you know you are onto a winner."

When a game features a haunted cupcake with batwings, you know you are onto a winner. Lucky Halloween is five reels and 20 paylines of online slot action, from developers Red Tiger. The game stars the Pumpkin Biker; a character, with a removable pumpkin head, who has a lot in common with Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington. The mood is cartoonish fun. A pipe organ provides the spooky soundtrack. It’s all very old school Saturday morning television. As well as airborne baked goods, other icons include a vial of potion, a mummified cat, a witch’s hat, and a motorbike.

If you are lucky, the Pumpkin Biker will saddle up in the regular game, ride across the screen and toss his head, and a handful of wilds onto the reels, or trigger the bonus round. It’s beautifully animated and a nice hit. The wild is a gurning pumpkin. There is also a bonus icon, as well as a free spins logo. You need three of each to win.

When you land a special bonus, the music takes a turn for the rockabilly, bats flap in, and the fun begins. In the Free Spins, you have to pick one of three cauldrons to get your spins. In the bonus game, you use numbered pumpkins to climb a tower of multipliers until your luck runs out.

Lucky Halloween is a superb game from one of Evolution Gaming’s most creative teams. It’s seven years old, created in 2016, but still feels fresh to play. Less scary, more fun. But we really want to catch that cupcake…

Developed By Reels Paylines RTP
Red Tiger 5 20 94.98%


Nolimit City's Serial Slot
Nolimit City’s Serial Slot

Play Serial Slot Now

You can count on online software developers, and mentalists, Nolimit City to create a slot themed around *checks notes* serial killers. It’s a (very) dark, moody, five-reel slot that makes the Silence of the Lambs look like Saturday morning at the kindergarten.

The slot is all about serial killer the ‘Bodycam Butcher’. Icons include blood-stained evidence at the scene of the crime, a tied and bound victim, skeletal remains, a detective, and our killer in various guises. All set against a distorted, flickering, back drop that looks like it has been lifted from the movie Saw. It’s a great piece of design work.

Before we get to the online slot’s game mechanics, it’s time to give the music an honourable mention. Some really great audio engineering has gone into the soundscape of the Serial online slots. The base music is menacing metal but it’s the sound stabs and idents that really stand out. Worth a spin for the audio alone. Serial is an xWays slot, with 243 potential paylines in the base game. When you win, new rows open up and you get a re-spin. The maximum pay-out is 74,800x your stake. A Missing poster is the games scatter and triggers the bonus games: the Search and the Kill.

This is another great game from Nolimit City, for players fed up with rainbows, crazy fruit, and Spanish conquistadors. If you want to explore the dark side, when you’re at the online casino, this is the game for you.

Developed By Reels Paylines RTP
NoLimit City 5 243+ 96.07%

Blood Queen Slot

Blood Queen Slot at Casino Kings
Blood Queen Slot at Casino Kings

Play Blood Queen Slot

Blood Queen is 30 fixed paylines, five reels, and three rows of gothic online slot action that owes a debt to Interview with a Vampire. It’s campy but not too cheesy; the online slot equivalent of the Hammer House of Horror, with a cameo from Christopher Lee.

The game is the work of Brighton-based creatives Iron Dog Studio, part of the ever-growing 1X2 Network. It’s a slick piece of work. Icons include stakes, a monster vampire, expanding gargoyle wilds, vampire nemesis Van Hell, and the star turn herself: the Blood Queen.

The Free Spin icon is an image of a young couple; presumably our antagonists in happier times. The audio is on the money, with hooting owls, slick strings, and some generic vampire movie orchestration. Combined with the gothic visuals, it’s an atmospheric game. The bonus round is triggered when you land three scatters. You then have to choose between Van Hell and the Blood Queen. Van gets you sticky wilds, the Queen, shifting wild reels. Blood potion and holy water both add to the winning mix.

If you like your slots gothic, and still can’t get past Tom Cruise as a vampire, this is the game that could bring it all flooding back. Give it a spin and watch out for sunrise.

Developed By Reels Paylines RTP
1×2 Network 5 30 96.07%


Play 'N Go Helloween Slot
Play ‘N Go Helloween Slot

Play Helloween Slot

Confession time: who knew that Rammstein were not the only German heavy metal band? Turns out that Helloween isn’t just a cheesy pun on Halloween, it’s also a seven-piece power metal band, from Hamburg, formed in 1984, and the inspiration for a rather fab five-reel online slot from developers Play ‘n Go.

The game opens with live video footage of the band. The graphics are cartoon-like, with pumpkins, wizards, trolls, and a golden ring as icons. The music comes courtesy of the eponymous band. If you love metal, you’ll love it. If you don’t, seek out the mute button.

The full name of the slot is ‘Helloween – Keeper of the Seven Keys’. This relates to the scatter icon. Hit three of these and you win the bonus feature, where you are randomly assigned one of the seven keys. Each key comes with a different flavour of pumpkin wild: expanding, flying, moving, and more. Helloween is a bizarre mix of Lord of the Rings, death metal, and gothic horror. It’s brilliantly animated and the band’s video scenes are integrated beautifully. It’s a lively game, with great volatility. But… if you’re not a fan of axe-wielding, middle-aged, men making metal, it might not be for you.

Developed By Reels Paylines RTP
Play ‘N Go 5 10 96.2%

Spooky Vibes

Spooky Vibes Slot gameplay
Spooky Vibes Slot gameplay

Play Spooky Vibes Slot

Spooky Vibes Accumul8 is six-reel, five-row, avalanche-style game with bags of personality and a genuinely creepy atmosphere – aka spooky vibes. From the bugs crawling under the reels and the cemetery setting, to the spectre floating across the screen, it’s not one to play alone at night. The graphics are bright and infused with neon; think ghost train at the local fair.

Icons include bats, skulls, black cats, spiders, and five multi-coloured jars containing eyeballs. The scatter is a menacing looking pumpkin. The audio is the star tune; glockenspiel, strings, and dramatic orchestration; worthy of any Hollywood horror movie.

To win, you simply have to land at least eight matching symbols. Five black cats nets you 5x your stake; twelve or more is 50x. The winning icons disappear and are replaced; often resulting in multiple wins. If you land a multiplier, this is applied to the total win. To win the Free Spins, you need at least three scatters. You get 10 spins with added multipliers. Two or more pumpkins gets you extra spins.

Spooky Vibes is a lot of fun to play and a great piece of work from developers Light & Wonder. If you’re looking for something a little different to the typical online slot, this could be creepy chiller that presses all your buttons.

Developed By Reels Paylines RTP
Light & Wonder 6 5 96.06%

Wild Blood 2

Wild Blood 2 Slot Gameplay
Wild Blood 2 Slot Gameplay

Play Wild Blood 2 Slot

Wild Blood 2 is six reels, and four rows, of sexy vampire action from Swedish developers Play ‘n Go. The game mixes Bridgerton and Bram Stoker, with the gothic turned to 11. There are 4,096 potential paylines; any three adjacent matching symbols gets you on the score sheet. Visually, the game is gorgeously dark and moody. Icons include three lady vampires. The scatter is a vial of red liquid. The wild is a long-haired dandy vampire, with his hands full. All animated, with glowing red eyes. The audio is really well engineered, with spooky accents and some real ASMR touches.

If you hit the wild man on reel 5, you get an automatic Vampire Bat Re-spin and the wild flies across to the first reel. To win the Bloodlust Free Spins, you need to hit at least three scatters. You then get to choose one of the three lady vampires; each has a different wild/multiplier combination.

This is a slot from a developer who knows its stuff. Wild Blood 2 is exciting to play, has some real atmosphere, and will keep you coming back for more. It’s smart. It’s sassy. It’s sexy. Give it a spin and unleash your inner Darcy-style Dracula.

Developed By Reels Paylines RTP
Play ‘N Go 6 4096 96.06%

Best of the Rest

We’ve only scratched the coffin lid of this popular genre. There are scores more online slots to unearth, if you are looking for a little undead Halloween action. Here’s a few more of our favourites.

  • Immortal Romance Mega Moolah (Microgaming)
  • Dark King: Forbidden Riches (NetEnt)
  • Halloween (Triple Edge)
  • Mental (Nolimit City)
  • Ooh Aah Dracula (Barcrest)
  • Day of the Dead (IGT)
  • Curse of the Werewolf (Pragmatic Play)
  • 28 Spins Later (PlayPearls)
  • Beetlejuice Megaways (Barcrest)
  • Zombies (NET Entertainment)
  • Psycho Slots (Nextgen Gaming)

Halloween and horror are popular themes for casinos and online software developers. People love a good scare. Horror movies are a crowd-pleasing genre, beaten at the box office only by action, drama, and comedy.

Halloween is now the second most popular festival in the United States. In 2021, more than $10 billion was spent on treats, fancy dress, and decorations. Only Christmas beats it. And, like a zombie plague, it’s spreading its dark, satanic, spooky shadow around the world.

Not surprisingly, horror, Halloween, ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night, feature in hundreds of online slots; everything from Ghostbusters and Dracula, to Frankenstein’s monster and the movie Paranormal Activity, gets a macabre makeover. You’ve read the book and seen the film, now you can scare yourself with a spin of the slots.

Halloween Slots – A Background

Creepy Old Halloween Costumes (Source: Reddit)
Creepy Old Halloween Costumes (Source: Reddit)

Why do people love Halloween and horror? What is it about something dangerous, revolting, scary, and threatening, that we all seem to enjoy? Why do we take some pleasure from the sensation of fear? The psychology of ‘a good scare’ has been studied in great depth and there are several explanations to this seemingly contradictory behaviour. Top of the list is the amygdala. This almond sized bunch of cells is located deep in the centre of the brain.

When we are afraid, the amygdala kicks the hypothalamus into action; releasing adrenaline, cortisol, endorphins, dopamine, and hormones. When the initial fear subsides – for example: a ‘jump scare’ in a movie – this chemical cocktail leaves us feeling rather good. Add to this, the thrill of testing your limits, cuddling up to a date, and the enjoyable knowledge that you are ‘safe’ even, though you are experiencing horror, and you begin to understand why humans enjoy stepping outside their comfort zone – albeit not too far from it.

Halloween, like Christmas, seems to be a mash-up of pagan rituals, ancient traditions, and Christianity. The word Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows’ Eve; the evening before All Saints Day – a celebration of all the Christian saints who have made it to Heaven.

Today, religion and Halloween have parted ways. The evening that originally heralded the start of winter is now the realm of every horror trope ever created. Jack-o’-lanterns, trick or treat, and fancy dress are now an integral part of this annual festival.

Halloween Slots – Sights & Sounds

There is no limit to the number of sounds and sights you can use when the theme is horror and Halloween. From a slice of pumpkin pie to a blood-splattered axe, and everything in between. You can definitely expect ghouls, spooks, pumpkins, and probably a witch or two, as well as a healthy collection of lucky black cats.

Musically, it flips from the Munsters to John Carpenter’s Halloween; everything from cutesy comic spooks, to nubile college girls running for their life. We’ve tried to sample something from every grisly pot, in our slot reviews above.


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