Online Scratchcard Games Explained

What are online scratchcard games

Love the thrill of winning big prizes instantly? Online scratchcards are just for you.

In addition to slots, table and live dealer titles, Casino Kings also stocks a great range of instant win and online scratchcard games for you to enjoy.

You will likely be familiar with the instant win scratchcards you can buy at shops, where you use a coin to see whether you matched enough symbols to win a prize.

The online versions of these games are pretty much the same; the only real difference is that you do not use a coin to reveal the symbols.

In fact, online scratchcards are even more fun as they come in a huge range of themes and with exciting formats and even bonus features.

Below, we take a closer look at online scratchcard games and why you should give them a try.

What are Online Scratchcard Games?

Online scratchcards are digital versions of the physical scratchcards you can buy in retail outlets, supermarkets and convenience stores.

They have been reworked to be played on desktop, smartphone or tablet, allowing you to enjoy the anticipation and excitement they deliver anywhere and anytime.

Just like with traditional scratchcards, when playing online scratchcards you “scratch” icons to reveal the symbols underneath – match enough symbols and you will win a prize.

What are Instant Win Games?

Instant win games are often based on scratchcards but might offer slightly different gameplay – you might recognise some of these formats from arcade and mobile games.

This could be a gem-smash puzzle where the more gems you knock out the more prizes you win, or even games of Monopoly. Others see you pull “tabs” to reveal symbols and win prizes.

In most cases, online scratchcards and instant win games are considered the same thing and will be found in the same casino game lobby – that’s certainly the case at Casino Kings.

How Do They Work?

Playing online scratchcard games could not be easier. Once you have chosen which game to play, simply follow these steps.

  • Choose your stake or how much you want bet
  • Tap or swipe over the icons to reveal the symbols underneath
  • Continue to tap or swipe until you match the required number of symbols to win
  • If you win, you can claim your prize instantly
  • If you don’t, play the game again or try another online instant win title

If the instant win game does not take the standard scratchcard format, simply click on the game description or paytable to learn how it works.

In most cases, the gameplay will be simple and easy to understand as this is a major part of what makes online scratchcards and instant wins so popular.

Why are Instant Win Games Popular?

Simple – they are fun, easy to understand and offer players the chance to win big prizes from relatively low stakes, especially when compared to online slots.

They are ideal for mobile play, too, and with more and more players accessing online casinos from their smartphones they are the perfect mobile casino game.

That they come in a wide range of themes and with exciting bonuses is another reason for their popularity – take Black Pudding Games, for example.

Its Super SelectorTM series of online scratchcards include titles such as Squeaky Blinders, Bun in the Oven and Slice & Dice and boast features like the Super Selector Bonus that sees players win a bigger prize with the fewer picks taken.

Mobile Online Scratch Cards

Online scratchcards have been designed specifically for mobile play. In most cases, they are played in portrait mode and fill the screen.

You can scratch, swipe and pull with your thumb making them ideal for one-handed play when on the move or sat relaxing on the sofa at home.

Because prizes are awarded instantly, game sessions take a matter of seconds which means you can try your luck a couple of times while waiting for the bus or stood in line at the bar.

Reasons to Play Online Scratchcards

If you’ve got this far, the chances are you’re strongly considering giving online scratch cards and instant win games a try. Good choice: you’ve got plenty of reasons to do so.

The main reason to play instant win games is because of the excitement they offer.

Since results are random and you have little control over the outcome, you never know what prize you will receive.

Another reason to play is because of the instant win factor. Unlike other kinds of online gambling, you don’t need to spend lots of time learning strategies and practicing.

Instead, you can deposit your money, set your stake and play straight away. The barrier for entry is low, and nobody will gain the upper hand on you because of experience.

That they come in a wide range of themes, offer great bonuses and are perfect for mobile play mean you would be mad not to give them a try.

Play Instant Win Games at Casino Kings

Casino Kings offers one of the best line-ups of instant win games, including a selection of titles from our good friends at Black Pudding Games – read our interview with the team here.

So, what are you waiting for, head to our online scratchcard game lobby now and see what all of the fuss is about.