It might sound like a Bond Villain, but Golden Ball Roulette is actually a different take on the classic casino game. We play Roulette as normal on a European Roulette table, meaning a single 0 rather than the 00 favoured in the American Roulette versions. But the addition of the Golden Ball Leaderboard gives the highest-staking players a chance to get involved in the game-play like we never have before. Intrigued? And so you should be.


“You expect us to talk?” “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to bet. Within 20 seconds.”

We have 20 seconds to place our bets, counted down by a digital counter in the top right of our screens. Running with the James Bond theme, a London vista acts as the backdrop for our game. The Golden Ball Leaderboard sits superimposed in front of the backdrop, next to the Croupier. Following each round, the Golden Ball Leaderboard disappears to be replaced with an intriguing graphic counting down the games until the next Golden Ball game.

The Golden Ball game is a chance for players to get interactive with the game, if not with the finely attired Croupiers. If we top the Golden Ball Leaderboard at the end of a 20 game period, we have the chance to spin the golden ball ourselves. An animated Golden Ball appears in our game space next to the Roulette layout. We tell the Croupier from which number we wish he or she to spin the ball via Live Chat. Can we affect our own luck if we effectively spin the ball ourselves?


All of the usual payout bonuses of Roulette apply in Golden Ball Roulette. Payouts for  Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18 or 19-36 bets stand at 1:1. Columns and Dozens are slightly more adventurous bets at 2:1 payouts, while Lines and Baskets offer even more attractive 5:1 and 6:1 payout bonuses. Longer odds for Corners, Streets and Splits bump the payouts for these bets up to between 8:1-17:1. Straight Up numbers pay out at 36:1, but these are long shots for very good reason. All payouts are helpfully detailed in the Help section to the left of the screen.

In addition of the chance to spin the Roulette Ball from a chosen number, Golden Ball Roulette also offers extra ad-hoc promotions. To win these promotions we have to stay at the top of the Leaderboard. These additional incentives are announced in-game by the Croupiers, so it pays to have the sound on so we can catch these extra promotions as we bet.


With different visuals and an interesting concept behind the Golden Ball spin, Golden Ball Roulette is a different enough take on the traditional game to make it noteworthy. The additional promotions elevate this game beyond its classic counterpart. Sometimes, as they say, a change is as good as a break.