Imagine if we wanted to play a Roulette game but also wanted to play a slot at the same time. Some might say that would be tough to do. But not Extreme Live Gaming. On Great Rhino Roulette, we can enjoy a hybrid Live casino game that gives us all the magic of the Roulette table, combined with slots play. And it’s probably our best safari trip too.


Like most Live Roulette games, we’re taken to a gaming room where we see a Live Dealer on screen, ready and waiting to play. They’re standing next to the Roulette wheel, but what’s that behind them? Oh, it’s just the African Savannah. And to the right of the dealer is a giant reel, reminding us that it’s not just roulette on hand, it’s slots play too.  The bottom of the screen shows a simple pay table with everything we need to place our bets, with an additional racetrack on the right.

The slot symbols appear on the top of the screen and the reels spin with each spin of the Roulette wheel. We don’t have to bet on the slots reel if we don’t want to, but it’s certain to add a level of excitement to our experience when we do. In order to do this, we simply place our bet on one of the symbols, such as the Hyena or Flamingo, along with our roulette bet. Then we enjoy two lots of spinning and more chances of winning.


Despite having some additional slot reels to enjoy, we don’t get the same slot bonuses such as free spins features. But just by having them on screen it adds something extra to this classic game, and definitely helps us towards wins when our animals do come up trumps. As for the Roulette game itself, the wheel only has one zero pocket as it’s based on the popular European variation. Next to the spinning reels we can see our game statistics. This tells us what the most recent win was, what our bet was and we can use it to adjust our betting strategy accordingly. And while it may not be a bonus in the traditional sense, it’s a huge bonus that we can chat with the friendly Dealer! A few tip taps on the keyboard using the chat window and we can enjoy great company and a great game.


Great Rhino Roulette puts a brand new spin on a classic game. Literally. Of its own accord it’s a great live gaming experience, giving us the chance to speak to the Dealer and play roulette in real-time. But with the African setting in the background and the additional slot reels on the side, we can get in some extra escapist bets along the way.