Baccarat is one of the most quintessential games played at casinos, and this Live Baccarat version from NetEnt’s Live casino translates excellently to our gaming screens. Baccarat is also James Bond’s favourite game when he visits the casino. While we might not have the backing of Her Majesty’s Government, we can still wear the tux and drink the vodka martinis.


There are a number of different variants of Baccarat, with punto banco Baccarat being the most common. This Super 6 Baccarat game is a variant of punto banco, and without going  too dungeon on the detail the upshot for us is the quicker game-play due to a fixed House Edge – set at 1.06% for Banker Bets and 1.24% for Player Bets. In other forms of Baccarat the Croupier would have to calculate 5% of each hand as House commission, but that’s not important right now.

The nuance of Baccarat is that we are effectively betting on either the Banker’s hand or the Player’s hand without taking up the role of Banker or Player ourselves. Therefore this can be a common draw-style game, with no hold up in game-play while we wait for other players to decide hands or bets. Our object is to score closest to 9 in two cards. Any score over 10 will see 10 subtracted to leave us with our final total. Unless we need a third card, and the various rules for third cards are nuanced. Extra rules apply for the drawing of the Banker’s third card, itself dependent on the Player’s third card. The full rules of third card draws can be found in the Help tab on the left of the screen.


Like Blackjack, Baccarat bonuses depend on the kind of hand that wins. Should the Player or the Banker win, the payouts are subject to a x1 multiplier. Unless, that is, the banker wins with a score of 6. In which case the stake is only multiplied x0.5. But if you have bet on the Super 6 outcome – namely that the Banker will win with a score of 6 – our payout jumps to x12. We earn higher payouts when we bet and win on a Tie, which are subject to a x8 multiplier. Betting on a Player Tie or Banker Tie sees our multiplier win potential rise to x11, and, just as with Blackjack, success in Baccarat comes down to understanding these differences between bets and payouts and adjusting our bet level accordingly.


Baccarat is a captivating game, captivating enough for Sean Connery to go up against Dr. No in the 1963 classic movie (and Ian Fleming’s original novel). That said, Bond was partial to other casino games – Craps in Diamonds Are Forever (1971) and Texas Hold ‘Em in Casino Royale (2006). Bond just liked Casino Games. And, if the $65,000 he won at the Craps table is anything to go by, if you see him making bets at NetEnt’s Live Baccarat table our advice would be to follow his lead.