Have you ever been wanting for a seat? On a bus, train or Blackjack table? NetEnt’s superb Live Blackjack Common Draw Live Low makes sure you always have a seat at our Live casino Blackjack table. The seat on the bus or the train we can’t help you with. That said, you’ll be so entranced with the seamless high quality Blackjack that you won’t be at all bothered about standing up.


Thanks to NetEnt’s unique chroma key technology the game-play in Blackjack Common Draw Live Low is seamless. Internet connection dependent, obviously. If you’re using your smartphone as a WiFi hotspot and we’re at least talking a 4G connection with plenty of data then you are in business at this Blackjack table. That said, if we are struggling through a shabby-network area NetEnt has the foresight to include options for toggling the video quality, allowing us to keep the cards coming even if our mobile network is letting us down.

The betting range in Blackjack Common Draw Live Low sits nicely at 1.00 – 200. This gives us decent scope for low-mid range betting activity, while the nuance of Common Draw Blackjack means that we can play alongside an unlimited amount of players without the hindrance of additional players weighing up their options and slowing down our game-play.


As we are always playing against the House in Blackjack, we are always looking to beat the Dealer. NetEnt is a kooky, creative kind of studio, and its Live Casino Dealers reflect this company vibe. That said, we still want to beat them. To do this in Blackjack we must score higher than they do, all the while remaining under 21. If we score 21 in two cards, this is the ultimate hand of Blackjack itself, paying out 3:2. If we therefore play a bet of 1.00 – the lowest limit in Blackjack Common Draw Live Low – landing Blackjack will score us 1.50 plus our 1.00 stake back. That is, unless the Dealer also scores Blackjack, in which case we don’t win but we don’t lose either – our original stake is “pushed” back to us.

If it looks like the Dealer can score Blackjack by landing an Ace on his or her first card, he/she will offer us Insurance. We can take out Insurance for an additional amount of half our original bet, giving us a net win if we beat the Dealer or if the Dealer scores Blackjack. These additional features are delivered well without hindering the casino experience of other players.


We can always rely on NetEnt to deliver a seamless gaming experience, and Blackjack Common Draw Live Low certainly delivers on that front. The additional in-game stats and easy betting interface makes this Live Casino game a shoe-in for beginners and intermediates alike.