Casino Kings Live casino online roulette, Is it Roulette or Roulade? Maybe both, if you can sort your own cakes out. We won’t send you those, though perhaps a special game where all chips are replaced with cakes could be a one-off event for the future. Until then, we’ll have to settle our winnings in cold, hard cash. Or warm, soft cash if you sleep with it under your pillow. You can spend it how you like just the same, and you won’t get half as messy.

Live Roulette Gameplay

Live Roulette is just you and one of our smart and beautiful croupiers. Well, it’s not. There are plenty of others dipping in on their own desktops, but the feeling Live Roulette gives is of a personal gaming experience between us, the dealer and the Roulette wheel. There are no other bets being placed to distract us from our game, which lets us focus, relax and enjoy all at once. As in multi-player Live Roulette, bet limits range from €/$/£1-1,000, €/$/£2-2,000 and €/$/3-5,000, which gives you the option to be as high rolling as you like.

When we enter the game we are suddenly in a Live Casino. It may seem obvious to say, but we really do get that feel of atmosphere – we can see other tables behind our Live Roulette wheel with live games occurring simultaneously. Our croupier – one of a host of consummate professionals – leads us through the game, asking us to place our bets, welcoming all new players, physically spinning the wheel and wishing us luck. A counter ticks down the last few seconds of betting, the wheel spins and the results show up both in the close up of the wheel in the top left of the screen as well as the winning bets being highlighted on the main table.


In Live Roulette our chip denominations are coloured differently, making it easier to discern how much we are placing. We can easily shift between chip sizes on the left hand-side of our table, increasing or decreasing our bet each round according to chip denomination and colour. To allow our own game to run smoothly we have the option to ReBet, or Undo or Clear recent bets, while the Auto Play feature lets us select a particular bet (if we have a favourite) and allows you to set betting over a selected number of rounds. This is particularly useful if we want to keep playing while we have to take our attention elsewhere – if we don’t place a bet for 10 consecutive rounds the system will act as doormen and eject us from the table. How rude!

The Call Bets tab (uncommon split bets) above the Auto Play button gives us access to different bets that we might find in “real” brick and mortar casinos. These bets spice up the game, though it’s important to hover the cursor over them first to get a flavour for the kind of outlay we need to place, though it is sometimes harder to tell just what our returns would be from these bets. If you intend to play these kind of bets it’s best doing some digging to make sure you weigh up your betting options and returns.


What’s not to like about Live Roulette? The thrill of placing live bets is akin to watching a pack of pounding gee-gees thundering towards the line, and with your own Benjamins at stake it’s at least as exciting. With this version of the beautiful game you can hone your betting prowess before heading on to our multi-player table. Hit your Hallelujah – Whoop!