Step into the NetEnt Live casino Blackjack lounge. Experience an HD world that can barely be surpassed by the real thing. With superb visuals, unique technology that delivers seamless action and dealers as charming as one of James Bond’s cohort.  NetEnt Live Blackjack Standard has got what it takes to be top of our Live Casino list from January 1st until New Year’s Eve.


On any real brick and mortar blackjack table we are pitted against the dealer, albeit playing alongside any other players that might fancy their places on the table. NetEnt Live Blackjack takes its cue from RL and pits us against six other players, with a table maximum of seven. This is as close to real Blackjack as we will find – in a brick and mortar casino we can never have unlimited numbers of players because we don’t have the space. Limiting the players brings in levels of strategy not found in other versions of Blackjack where, in essence, every single player plays his own game against the dealer.

Not only are the graphics seamless and the streaming crisp. The dealers interact with us welcomingly and professionally and deal the cards clearly, explaining results at speeds that do not detract from the game-play – but the game design is expertly set out. The left-hand side of our screens displays our minimum and maximum bets – which varies depending on the table we access from the lobby, and is easily switchable mid-game – while the right hand side details our customizable game settings and statistics, including the dealer’s last 10 hands and the percentage of Blackjacks and Busts scored.


Blackjack is a very simple game – score 21 in two cards and we will see the biggest possible payout – it pays out 3:2 on our original bet. Insurance wins (available when the dealer’s first card is an Ace) pay 2:1, while all other victories over the dealer offer a 1:1 payout. As such any bonuses we reap from the NetEnt Live Blackjack casino game very much depend on our level of play and the stake we wish to bet when we place our opening bet. Unlike many forms of poker, Blackjack only has one betting round so the confidence we show at the outset will determine the payout we receive at the end of each game.


The saying goes, “He who dares wins”, and in online casino card games like NetEnt Live Blackjack this adage is truer than in many other games. That said, the betting options in this title allow us to be as conservative or as gung ho as we like, rubbing shoulders with card pros and newbies alike, all eager to sample a taste of the most playable Live Casino on the Net.