Am I A Zombie?

Don’t all rush to answer! But it’s always the same after a bank holiday. We could do with time to re-adjust, to ease ourselves back in to our uncomfortable slot on the grindstone wheel. But we don’t get it. We get thrown in to the frying pan without fully getting our feet warm in the fire.

The good news? Pretty much everyone else feels like a zombie too, so we are all in the same blood-soaked, limb-swamped boat. In fact, it’s not a boat. It’s a hollowed out carcass that uses arms for oars, a foot for a rudder and stretched out skin for a sail. All belonging to my boss.

With such fantasies in mind it is perhaps fitting that I stumbled across Alaxe In Zombieland this weekend. This Genesis Gaming video slot title launched in 2012 and still has the makings of a classic. With 25 paylines across five reels, gruesome artwork and a soundtrack that will make you glimpse over your shoulder it has the atmosphere to get you in the dead zone, and with three bonus features there is plenty to get your wallet throbbing.

Was it enough this weekend to allow me to tell my boss I hope he gets a nasty gash? Well, I’m back in work, aren’t I? Plus I’ve met his wife and she seems lovely.

Still, there’s always next weekend. Maybe I’ll turn it into a reel adventure with some low lighting and some supplies. Turns out there is such a thing as a Zombie Survival Can.