The clock ticks down. The hugs and kisses begin. But even before the gunpowder from the fireworks has cleared, we begin thinking about our new year’s resolutions. What will we resolve to do differently this year to better ourselves? The most common resolutions might be to lose weight, to learn a new skill or break a bad habit. But for online casino players, a greater shout might be to try something new. A new game, or a new strategy, perhaps.

Trying A Strategy On For Size

There are oodles of articles online examining online casino strategy, whether it be for online Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat or a Poker variant. How many times have you been sitting at a full table at one of NetEnt’s Live Blackjack tables, for example, and boggled over a decision a player has made with his or her hand. Your strategy would never have sanctioned that move! But such is the beauty of Live Casino play. It’s our hand and we can do what we want with it. Live. Like taking risks? Go for it. Ever heard the phrase “do one thing a day that scares you”? Try hitting on 16 when the Dealer has 10. Cajones.

Seeking Out Slots Strategy

Online slots players will no doubt have their own strategies, too. It might be raising bets to max following a series of losing spins, raising a bet following a winning spin or sticking to low-stakes slots play. If you are new to online slots, you are well advised to seek out any of ELK Studios’ high quality slots titles (take your pick!). They feature built-in betting strategies, unique systems that, at the very least, get you thinking about how you go about seeking wins from online slots. You can use ELK’s betting strategies as they are, or you can take what you like from them and adapt them to fit your own, unique system. Whatever you choose, this is your year. Now go and get it.