“Little pig, little pig, do you want 10 free spins on a hilarious online slot title?” howls the Big Bad Wolf from Quickspin. “Not by the…hang on a minute!” says the pig, ruffling his brow (do pigs have brows, or is that cows?).

Nothing captures a gamer’s imagination like the retelling of a classic fairy tale, and Stockholm-based Quickspin have come up with a treat. The twist here is that we actively want the Big Bad Wolf to turn up – he’s the one that will bring about the Blowing Down The House bonus feature.

The pigs may shiver, they may run, but none of their houses are safe from the looming yellow eyes of the Big Bad Wolf. Just like the fairy tale, he will eventually run out of huff and puff, and when he does this bonus feature is finished. Hopefully we’ve scored a boat-load of big, bad bucks in the meantime.

Thankfully the base-game has more than the fairy tale to keep our interest piqued. The game’s Swooping Reels with Pigs Turning Wild bump up the base like a cyber kid at Gatecrasher.

Another of Quickspin’s fantasy slots is Goldilocks And The Wild Bears (are you noticing a recurring theme?), so we know we are in safe hands…unlike our three little piggies.

“Let the Big Bad Wolf blow you away!” howls the game’s promo trail. That it will do it, Herr Wolf. And we can all live happily ever after.