With Comic-Con wrapping up, we’ve had our eyes opened to plenty of new things. From teasers in movies to video games to comics, we’ve seen it all. And what we love the most about comics is the comic aspect of it all. Especially when we see them depicted across our slots reels.

Reads Well On The Reels

The reels of an online slot make great canvases for comics. So when we get slots based on comics or featuring comicesque graphics, we’re very excited. Just take 1×2 Gaming’s Dead World for example. It’s a five reel, 50 payline slot based on the comic of the same name. Okay, so a zombie slot might not scream summer but with the characters, the zombies and the generous bonus features ever present on this release it certainly lets us blast away towards blood curdling wins.

When we’re feeling in more of a detective mode, though, we can join Jack Hammer on the Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business slot. On a quest to find his missing girl at the hands of Don Crabby, this slot looks like a 60s Marvel comic. It’s got the action to boot with the Sticky win feature, Electric Eel Scatters and the Free Spins. Jazzy.

Pow! Spin! Blam!

Just like the comics of old, these slots conjure up images of giant BAMS and POWS whenever we land big wins. There are also plenty of other slots out there reminding us of comic books, giving us loads to choose from. Hopefully after this year’s Comic-Con we can expect to see some new branded slots too. Shazam, anyone?