When we heard that Gamevy were releasing a slot called 7Up!, many gamers (and even more nerds like me) immediately thought of Cool Spot, the retro Mega Drive game which featured 7Up’s brand mascot, Cool Spot. But no, I was wrong. Gamevy’s 7Up! is actually based on the traditional slot, Sevens. This new slot blurs the lines between mobile slots and scratch cards. And we love a good blurring of the lines, don’t we?

The Only Way Is Up

7Up! is an interesting slot, to say the very least. Gamevy is the master developer when it comes to mixing classic slots with casual form, and in 7Up! it melds the gaming styles of online slots with scratch cards. When we first load up the game, we see seven reels, more akin to rows. To the right of each of these are the prizes available, ranging from £1 to £200. All we have to do is spin away and land three matching symbols in each active payline. This is where the sevens come in, as the symbols are based on traditional fruit machine icons. You can probably guess them without me mentioning them here. But I will anyway. We’re talking the Horseshoe, Watermelon, Grapes, Pineapple, Banana, Lemon, Cherries and, of course, the Lucky 7.

And that’s about it really. Quick, simple, good potential. 7Up! really is a casual effort from Gamevy. Select the lines, spin the reels and watch the symbols light up the screen. There’s also a turbo function in case we want to speed things up a notch.

Keeping It Casual

Cool Spot was a fun game because it had a cool, calm central character. Although we have no red spot as a character in this game, the coolness element exudes throughout. Sometimes we just want a break from the same old slot formats to catch up on something casual. And, for that, Gamevy’s 7Up! definitely fits the bill.