What’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually. Take Edgar Wright’s latest film, Baby Driver, for example. It’s made headlines all for the wrong reasons – it’s a thriller, but the name doesn’t convey the film’s style or tone. But is it reflected in the film’s success? And, more importantly, does a name matter in the world of online slots? NetEnt is one studio that always seems to get style and tone spot on. Its Drive: Multiplier Mayhem™ slot is a perfect example.

Multiplication Madness

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem pretty much sums up what we can expect from this slot. (Sorry, Edgar Wright. But this is how you do it.) It’s got cars. It’s got mayhem. And it’s got multipliers. Boom!

Like the online slot version of The Fast and the Furious, this game features slick cars and cool – and maybe dangerous – characters across the reels. Bright lights in the background accompany the hero character, Jette (again – great naming!) on a race against Twitch, Hamaki and Bruiser, who all appear as high-paying symbols on the reels.

Multiplier Wilds are just one of the bonus features available on this online slot. Even though they give out impressive returns – up to a 20x multiplier, we can also screech through a Free Spins game and a Nitro Collect Meter, with each feature comprising of bonus multipliers.

The Name Of The Game

NetEnt knows how to name its online slots. The studio stands out not just for its superbly-named online slots that describe and evoke the game’s action. Is Baby Driver Edgar’s own title? Or did Hollywood marketing execs get involved? Either way, maybe they can take some leafs out of NetEnt’s book for their next release. Or they can tell me where to stick it and point to the film’s impressive opening box office haul.