We’ve always wondered what it’d be like to be behind the scenes of a movie based on a war film. It’s an odd thought, we know, but anyone watching comedy hit Tropic Thunder recently won’t have been able to think of anything else. It seems that ELK Studios has read our thoughts as its presents its Platooners slot, giving us an insight into our desires. But this time, war proves even better on the slots reels.

Lights, Cameras, Spin

With a name like Platooners, it’s easy to mistake this for an iconic Vietnam film. ELK, of course, had another hit slot based on war in Poltava, a slot very much more on the heavier side of things. Suffice to say, this slot isn’t like that. Taking its cue from the Electric Sam slots series the feeling in Platooners is very much more Tropic Thunder, an inkling we get as soon as we load the slot up. We see a film set, lights at the forefront and a dense jungle backdrop in the background. Aha, we’re joining the actors on set in preparation for an epic. This is where it gets fun.

The Platooner characters all interact with the reels in their own way. Meaning they’ll appear at random and trigger their own bonus features. For instance, the Grenades Platooner feature sees that character throw grenades onto the reels, giving us random Wilds. The Bullets Platooner and Rockets Platooner also add more firepower to our slots play. The Snakes of Fortune Bonus is the free spins round and gives us blockbuster action. The Platooners take on a jungle snake for the sake of our payouts. Epic war action at its very best.

War. What Is It Good For?

In this case, it’s good for a unique slot that is typical of ELK Studios. Quirky characters, a fun premise and a bonus feature that lets us level up weapons and bring more Platooners to the fight. It’s great! In fact, it’s such a good slot, Tropic Thunder is now firmly back in its DVD case.