Everybody loves a bit of casual gaming, right? That’s why Microgaming partnered with Skillzz Gaming to create a range of quickfire, casual games. On the Quickfire platform. Aha. The Battle Mania slot is one result of this epic union, which has taken the online gaming world by storm and caused battles to erupt across the globe. In the best and nicest possible way, of course.


Card values and characters replace more traditional slots reels on this casual game that borrows heavily from the RPG Genre. While not a traditional online slot and in fact much more of a scratch card game in terms of its simplicity, Battle Mania does still maintain a classic slots look and feel so slots players won’t feel alienated. Enemy characters appear at the top of the screen while the characters we select for our team appear as cards at the bottom. It is similar to many mobile card RPGs out there, but on this one we can actually win cold hard cash.

Playing the game is easy. All of the baddies have life bars above them. We select our character to attack, with the aim of defeating them completely. When this happens, we get a big win. There are various islands to progress through and the Treasure Island awards us a 25% boost every 12 hours. It’s fun to see our chosen teams battle away…and win, but it gets even better when their unique abilities are triggered. This happens at random during game-play but offers a visual treat, as well as a better chance of beating the bad guys and claiming the reward.

Battle Away to Casual Wins

While Battle Mania may be no Skyrim, it certainly quenches our thirst for online RPGs that pay out. Great graphics, fun characters and a unique way to win – it ticks all the boxes. Perhaps it’s just a taster of what to expect from Microgaming’s partnership with Skillzz Gaming in the future.