What comes to our minds when we think of winter? Lingering wistful thoughts of Christmas? Snow? Not for EyeCon Games. They think of sandy dunes, pyramids and a cavalcade of cartoon animals, which is why EyeCon has released its Caravan to Cairo slot in the midst of winter. Because nothing screams winter sun like an Egyptian-themed slot.

Enjoy The Pharaoh’s Gifts This Winter

You might think that releasing a desert-set slot in midwinter is crazy. But EyeCon isn’t the only one to stay sun and sand focused. Take NetEnt’s release of Coins of Egypt as red that Egyptian-themed slots are very much part of the furniture. On the five reel, 243 Ways to Win Caravan to Cairo slot, we get to go hunting for the Pharaoh’s lost treasure. Along for the ride are a range of funky animals, including Camels, Cats, Birds, Rhinos, Monkeys and Crocodiles. Forget bobble hats, we’ve got fez-wearing camels that can reward us on every single spin.

The Elephant smiles its way onto the reels as the slot’s Scatter. When it appears three, four or five times, we bag 5, 10 or 50 times our stake, as well as triggering the Free Spins feature. In a neat twist, we choose the amount of spins and Multiplier we want. For instance, it could be 20 Free Spins with a 2x Multiplier or 5 Free Spins with a 10x Multiplier, and a range in between. Heaven.

Camel Home For Winter

Simply put, Caravan to Cairo is fun to play. Amusing cartoonish animals, funky Egyptian landscapes in the background, cool music and a bonus round that lets us choose how to play, with the chance to win up to 12,500 times our stake. What more could we ask for this winter? Apart from the rapid onset of spring, obviously.