Yes! Swords and shields at the ready – the new series of Game of Thrones is almost here. In anticipation we’ve been spinning with the Starks on Microgaming’s Game of Thrones online slot. Wait. You didn’t know there was a Game of Thrones slot? Pshh. You know nothing Jon Snow.

Slotting Onto The Iron Throne

Now that we got our Jon Snow quote out of the way, we can drink in Microgaming’s award-winning Westerosi-themed online slot that is as famous as the series itself like a flagon of ale in one of Littlefinger’s…ahem, premises. It comes in two versions (the slot, not the brothel). One with 15 pay-lines, the other with 243 Ways to Win. Which means we can start out small or charge in full steam ahead like Khaleesi and her army as we march our way across the reels to storm the Iron Throne. Ahh, Stormborn. You’ve been missed.

As we’d expect, the online slot features graphics from the hit show, including symbols of different houses and the Iron Throne itself. That said, plenty has happened since the launch of this slot. Don’t worry, we’ve been petitioning Microgaming for an update. (After all, the Isle of Man studio did just release Jurassic World.) Each house – Baratheon, Stark, Lannister (who always repay their debts, though there aren’t that many of them left) and Targaryen – vie for victory and award their own variety of spins and multipliers.

The GOT Slot Is Coming

Well, actually it’s never gone away. Which is great, as it means we don’t have to twiddle our thumbs waiting for the new season. Instead we can use them to spin the reels and get our much needed fix of Game of Thrones. Spinning and watching, anybody?