If someone were to tell me that Games Warehouse was going to release an online slot called Birdz, I’d run for the hills. But then that’s because I was thinking of Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic film, The Birds. When really, I should be thinking more Angry Birds. The snazzy new Birdz online slot from Games Warehouse – part of the well oiled slots development machine of the NYX Gaming Group – sets tongues wagging, wings flapping and the wins tumbling in.

Flappy Birds On The Reels

Thinking more on it, this slot is strongly reminiscent of Pixar’s short film, For The Birds. In case you don’t remember it, it aired before Monsters Inc. and featured a giant bird landing on a telegraph pole next to the smaller birds. Well, from the moment we fire up the  Birdz online slot, the similarities are evident, though naturally completely legally distinct. Here, our feathered friends sit atop the wires between two telegraph poles, constantly flapping and moving around. This slot remains unique, however, as the birds on the pole are representative of the reels and the symbols.

With that interesting twist, it’s fun to have a spin across the five reels (the Birdz themselves) and three rows (telegraph wires). The birds fly away with each winning combination and new birds come to take their place. Just like birds in real life (minus the poop). But it’s the Birdz Bonus Trail that really takes this slot up a notch. With each winning spin, we move up a space on the trail and earn a feature, such as the Shotgun which blasts away one of the birds; the Zap which electrifies the wire; or the Scarecrow which scares away all of the birds.

High On Our Slot Pecking Order

Of all the new slots being released, Games Warehouse’s Birdz is high up on my list of recommendations to play. It’s unique theme, playability and Pixar-type feel just give it that feel-good factor that is hard to parallel. That and the impressive features are sure to leave us as happy as a laughing kookaburra.