Have You Got The Skillz For Battle Mania?

Everybody loves a bit of turn-based gaming. In fact, Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular games of all time. It’s loved by everyone. And by everyone, we mean those on the older side of the Millennials category. We’re pretty sure RPG games appeal to a mass audience, but there’s always been one thing missing. Innovative gaming studio Skillzz Gaming once again proves it has the skills with Microgaming to bring us Battle Mania, an exciting edition to online games. Now we have the chance to actually fight baddies and win hard cold cash. Now we can.

Fight For Your Wins

Battle Mania is a role-playing game which lets us unlock new themes and features the more we play. We select a hero, with each hero having a unique special skill, and then it’s off to battle we go!

Battle Mania plays like (though is completely legally and creatively distinct from) Final Fantasy, in which we see our heroes at the bottom of the screen and the villains at the top. We select who we’re going to go to battle with and unleash our weaponry. The villains drop coins and when we face a big boss, forget about blood pouring out of them – the coins come cascading out instead.

A Fantasy Come True

While we’re fighting away, we also have the chance to bet on the Treasure Island feature, which gives us an extra 25% to all wins. Nifty. As developers expand from online slots to instant wins and new and wonderful things, Microgaming paves the way for 2019 with Battle Mania. Exciting, huh?

Keep an eye out for the launch of Battlemania at Casino Kings and try your Skillz for Battle.