It’s 10th December! It’s International Live Casino Day! Or is it? Well, no, it’s not really. But it should be. Already the 10th December is both International Human Rights Day and International Animal Rights Day so why can’t we have an International Live Casino Players Day? It shouldn’t just be the humies and the annies that get a day. We live casino fans should have a day to celebrate. And boy, what a day it would be.

Celebrating Live Casino

Live casinos have revolutionised the way we play online. Table game fans no longer have to dress up and find their nearest casino. Instead, they can sit down in front of the computer, or lie in bed and play live casino games on mobiles and tablets – however we want to play, it can be done with a few touches of a screen before being transported to a fully immersive online casino. And the live dealer games? Wow, how can they get better?

From Live Roulette to games that set the standard like NetEnt’s Live Blackjack, there are loads of different versions. In fact, only recently Evolution Live Gaming released its Live Blackjack Lobby and Live Roulette Lobby with all the studio’s live games in one place. A dealer we can talk to. Games in real time. Amazing graphics and fun betting options – you can’t beat live dealer games. The only thing that’s missing is an international holiday.

Any Day Playing In Real Time

We’ve resigned ourselves to the fact we’re not getting a sanctioned international day of recognition for live casino play. However, the 10th December will certainly see millions of players playing live casino games. It’s our human rights to do so. And my cat will play too. But the good thing about all of that is that we can play live casino games any day of the year, which makes every live casino day a celebration.