Ever wanted to create your own bonus at your very own online casino ? Pluck a figure out the air like the top level bankers seem to when it comes to bonus time, which run into hundreds of thousands and even millions while the average Joe can only watch on with envy? Now we can.

The Spin Lab from NextGen Gaming is a futuristic gaming revolution spun across five reels. However, it is not the 25 pay-lines that bring the revolution to our screens, but the bonus round. Landing three or more Scattered Orb symbols triggers the Free Spins feature, and while 5 free spins doesn’t sound like a lot it has the potential to be explosive. And why? Because we create our own feature in The Spin Lab.

The Spin Lab presents us with three sets of options to invent our own bespoke bonus round. Symbol options – Symbols The Same, Symbols Stacked, Symbol Prizes – Wild Options – Wilds Stacked, Extra Wilds, Wild Multipliers – and Multiplier Options – All Wins Multiplier, Pays Both Ways, Extra 5 Free Games. Using any combination of three – one from each section – we have the power to create our very own bonus.

Not only does this keep the game play fresh – along with the funky synth soundtrack and the swooshing graphics and game play – but it also means that we are in control of our winnings like never before in an online slots encounter.

Maybe this is the future of bonuses for the everyday Joe. Next Gen…make it so!