When you’re feeling parched, what drinks do you reach for? If it’s either 7Up! Or a Fruit Blast, I’m with you. Both are excellent drinks, superb thirst quenchers and deliverers of great taste. But did you know they are also two excellent slots?

Fruity Fun

Remember Cool Spot? No? Okay then. Well I do. He was a…well…he was a red spot, the mascot of 7Up and had his own video game. I miss him, which probably tells you more about me than it does about it. But enough about carbonated drinks. This is a slots blog through which we seek our mobile slots enlightenment, through thick and through thin. Gamevy’s 7Up! Slot delivers a unique twist on slots and scratch cards, combining the two into one spectacular game. Is it a slot? Or is it a casual game? Or does it blur the lines between the two? We have seven pay-lines and simply select our bet before the big reveal. If we get three matching symbols, hey presto, we win. Simple, fun and effective.

But Fruit Blast is having none of it. It wants to up the ante. And it does. This slot is also another blend of games, combining mobile games with online slots. We have to match the fruit symbols, fill up the meters on the left and once that’s done we get to choose from a selection of bonus rounds as we level up and advance through the game.

Putting The Fizz In Casual Gameplay

7Up! Slot and Fruit Blast Slotare very different brands and symbolise different things. With 7Up! we expect cool, calm and collected, which is what we get on the 7Up! Casual game. Albeit with a bit of mental bedlam thrown in for good measure. Fruit Blast is a chaotic blend of flavours, which comes across in the Fruit Blast slot with its zany, fun game-play. Two great drinks, two great games. And both equally as thirst-quenching.