What comes with five reels and paylines that range from between 243 to 1,125? Guessed it yet? Ok, we’ll give you a helping hand – it’s Microgaming’s Sidewinder slot. It’s a hark back to the slots of old, zhuzhed up with plenty of ways to win and an amazing new feature. The only thing missing is R.E.M. singing the backing track (Sidewinder – geddit?)

Kicking It Old School

Sidewinder has a retro look and feel to it. In fact, the 8-bit graphics on display make us feel like we’re playing one of the original Super Mario games. Though instead of portly plumbers, we’ve got Stars, Spades, Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, Bars, Four Leaf Clovers, Horseshoes, Lucky Sevens and Golden Bells as the main characters. Of course, Microgaming isn’t the only slots developer to use retro slots symbols and styles so effectively, but it is one of the most effective developers at doing so. Here, we get three Wilds – the regular, top and bottom and they perform as a typical Wild symbol will. However, they also feature heavily with the main Sidewinder feature. Ooooh.

We trigger the Sidewinder feature when the top Wild triggers the top horizontal reel or the bottom Wild triggers the bottom reel. All of a sudden, we now have 576 Ways to Win. If more Wilds come into play, we can have up to 1,125 Ways to Win. Now throw the Free Spins feature into this frothy mix and our win potential increases massively.

The Sidewinder Isn’t Sleeping Tonight

Microgaming delivers it all with its latest slots release. Sidewinder is a slot that gives us retro action with a modern-day twist. The expanding paylines add more excitement and action to our slots play experience and the wins are pretty generous too. However, I still reckon it should have R.E.M. singing “callmewhenyoutrytowakeher” during the free spins. Maybe that’s just me.