No, we haven’t got tongue tied. Though we did just recite ‘red lorry, yellow lorry’ round the online slots office, which almost left us all with lithps! Okay, all evened out now. Where were we? Oh yes, of course, the reason for our excitement is because Microgaming has released its Fortunium online slot…and that’s where our fortunes come from.

Steampunking On The Slots

Steampunk is quite a niche theme but it definitely has found its place on slots. Futuristic elements set within the Industrial Revolution brings us a fairytale treasure trail with a twist. An alternative world powered by steam. It’s such a good premise it shouldn’t just be limited to comic books. Which it isn’t thanks to the five reel, 40 payline Fortunium slot.

Plasma Guns, Airships, Treasure Chests and the characters Victoria and Maximillian, make up the high paying symbols of this slot. Our heroes can also be stacked five high with all other symbols, helping us grab extra wins. The Mystery Symbols can land on the reels and randomly reveal a low, high or Wild symbol and the Win Booster feature does what it says on the tin…with a twist.

It costs us 50% more per spin and removes the chance for the Mystery Symbol. But then our wins are…well…they’re boosted. Throw in some Free Spins, combined with Mystery Reels and Mystery Symbols, and our journey into the steampunk era is as lucrative as it is exciting.

Grabbing Our Wins Victorian Style

Travelling back into an alternative past on this steampunk slot is a riot. And it’s a hugely rewarding riot too. In fact, we’re getting so giddy about this slot we’re starting to lose our speech capabilities all over aga….