He was a boxing legend. He knocked out opponents. He bit off an ear. And he starred in The Hangover. Obviously it’s the one and only Mike Tyson we’re talking about. The legend and his tribal tattooed face is now bringing us an immersive Roulette experience as Inspired Gaming reveals its latest Mike Tyson Roulette game.

Roulette That Packs A Punch

Since his early outing on the Nintendo on Punch-Out, we knew that Mike Tyson was destined to be in games. He’s made the transition to online gaming particularly well, as is now seen on Mike Tyson’s Roulette.

We didn’t expect Mike Tyson to be fully dressed as a croupier. And we didn’t get that. Instead we get Mr Tyson in boxing attire, gloves and all. There are a few cut scenes which add an exciting element to our play, a bit like watching a boxing match at a Las Vegas casino. This version of Roulette also packs a punch with its Knockout Bonus, which sees us face four punching bags as we bash them in to get our bonus. The Roulette table definitely has taken on another spin.

A Total Knock Out

At first, we thought that Mike Tyson’s Roulette was similar to other 3D versions, such as Iron Dog’s 3D European Roulette. This version of the game has great graphics and fun features, really hitting home the authentic aspect of Roulette. But today we don’t want authentic. We want Mike Tyson with big boxing gloves on, helping us punch away punching bags all while spinning the roulette wheel. It’s complete carnage. And we love it.