How can we improve an online slot? It’s a question we often ponder at Casino Kings as we sit pensively, looking outside the window, pondering on the subject like a modern version of an ancient muse. Then as the light bulb sparks above our heads we realise “of course, by making a scratchcard version!”. Why are instant win versions of slots improvements? Because they give us even quicker and easier access to popular online slots and the big winnings they can deliver.

Scratch And Spin

Let’s take a look at NextGen’s Monster Wins scratchcard. It’s based on one of its popular monster-themed games, the Monster Wins online slot. The clue’s in the name. But this time round we can scoop our wins in just a few scratches. Sure, scratches are a tad quicker than a spin of the reels, but scratchcards aren’t called “instant win” games for no reason. Essentially, they’re quick-fire games which let us enjoy all the perks of online slots – great graphics, fun themes and big wins – but as a scratchcard.

Set out on a standard four by four grid, we see eight different monsters. All we have to do is scratch off part of the card panels and match the monsters to win a payout. And, if we reveal the bonus symbols, then we win five free games with added multipliers.

Instant Hits With Instant Wins

Scratchcards are fun to play but even more so when they are based on popular online slots. NextGen was obviously thinking the same, which is no doubt why it’s released numerous scratchcards based on its popular slot portfolio. Monster Wins carries this can effortlessly, showing how online slots can be improved (though obviously we still LOVE the original slot versions) by transforming them into scratchcards.