Okay, maybe this blog title should have been clearer. This is not about a new slot from NetEnt about vajazzling. We mean, maybe one day there might be one if there’s a big call for it. But we’re talking more about the dazzle of the vajazzle, rather than the vajazzle itself. We’ll try not to say vajazzle again and instead focus on the jazzy, dazzling slot from NetEnt, Dazzle Me. Not…Vajazzle Me. Although we might patent that slots name quickly.

Right Up The Azzle

Still to this day, NetEnt’s Dazzle Me is as fresh and alluring as any vajazzle. It’s filled with colourful gemstones – Red, Green, Blue and Purple – everything you expect to see on a…erm…slot? The five reel, 76 payline Dazzle Me slot comes with Dazzling Wild Reels which can appear at random to give us big wins but it’s the Linked Reels and Free Spins which are really rewarding.

Phew, we’ve moved on from vajazzling now and we can instead focus on the red hot slots bonus action. The Linked Reels feature sees identical Linked Reels appear on the first four reels at the beginning of each Free Spin. The right reel mirrors the left reel and the first reel is linked to the second and so forth. These all work together to create scores of winning combinations, with the chance to win up to 760 times our stake! Now that’s much more lucrative than a vajazzle.

Dazzle Away

Once upon a time, vajazzles were all the craze. Who wouldn’t want a glittering pubic area? We’ve still got ours, fitted out with the Casino Kings logo. But when we really want dazzling, there’s only one place to turn. And that’s to NetEnt’s Dazzle Me slot. It’ll dazzle you a lot more than what’s above our parts. Oo-er.