High Voltage! When we play…Electric Sam!

I’m not certain that ELK Studios were behind Electric Six, or if the band was the inspiration for Electric Sam, which regularly appears on our Most Popular Games list. Given that ELK are based in Sweden and Electric Six rock out of Michigan, you’d probably say it’s just coincidence.

Maybe it’s the cheeky elvish smiles that Sam, Sandra and Maggie sport as they create neon discos in the forest that make the game so popular. Maybe it’s because we think they’re Scottish and can identify with them (sorry Scotland – Shrek has a lot to answer for) or maybe it’s just that we hope they keep warm at night.

Yet it’s not the neon lighting that sets this game alight but the betting strategy options that are built in to the gameplay.

We can choose between The Jumper – raising the bet on a winning reel – The Leveller – raising our bet two levels if five consecutive losses occur – or the Booster – raising the betting level up one after each loss.

Or we can choose our very own strategy. But if you are an online slots fan and you have never thought about betting strategy, this is a great introduction to the very idea.

And you’d be surprised how electric it makes your involvement in the game, never mind the Way Wins or the Free Spins feature or the kooky styling or neatly-drawn graphics.

I wanna take you to a slots bar…