What makes an epic slot? Is it the graphics? Is it the general theme or story of the game? Or is it the number of reels a slot has? The more reels there are, surely there’s going to be better game-play? That might be the common thought process for most of us. But after cherry picking some top online slots, that attitude might very well change.

Monkeys, Mining and Felines

NetEnt’s Planet of the Apes slot which comes with 10 reels. “A paltry ten reels” you say. Let’s stop you there. When the Planet of the Apes slot landed it was clear it isn’t like the traditional ones out there. This is actually two slots in one. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Rise of the Planet of the Apes play across two screens, giving us dual bonus features. It brings the magic of the movies to life with double the playing experience and double the features. All that on just ten reels.

Then we can go bigger. Lightning Box’s Astro Cat is an eight reel slot that comes with a whopping 1,296 Ways to Win. The Reelfecta game engine offers prizes up to 16 times our stake, as well as dozens of free spins with Locked Wilds. Think that’s a lot of pay-lines though, think again. Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza Megaways takes us mining on a slot with 117,649 Ways to Win. The Megaways game engine means each of the six reels can feature between two-to-seven winning symbols, unleashing a huge potential profit.

Is Bigger Better?

By appearance it might seem so. The more reels, the more pay-lines we get and the more chances to get a winning combination. However, slots with more Ways to Win may sacrifice other parts which make slot play fun. For instance, there may not be as many bonus features or the game itself may not be as immersive. But we have stumbled across a gaming truism here. Great slots gaming comes in many forms, and across many reels.