There’s some serious dishing out going on in the Isle of Man, and not just to big slots winners. Isle of Man-based gaming giant Playtech revealed that it’s agreed to pay €28 million as part of an Israeli tax settlement. Ouch! And I wasn’t looking forward to my tax return!

An Easier Way To Pay Out

While Playtech might be waving goodbye to tons of money, we can think of easier ways to win (and hold onto) cash prizes. Evolution’s recently revamped Live Roulette and Live Blackjack lobbies are the perfect way to enjoy casino classics, all under one roof. Whether it’s variants of Live Blackjack or Roulette or other versions, they can be found in each easy-to-use lobby. We would expect swish navigation and game-play from the 2018 EGR Game of the Year winning developer, and that’s precisely what we get. We can pick our favourite games and it really goes to show how good it is to have everything under one roof.

Not like Playtech, who seems to be taking a lot out of theirs. It’s not as sinister as one might think though. The chargers are all to do with transfer pricing adjustments on activities carried out in Israel. You know what, the more we talk about this, the more it does sound like something to do with a spy film.

From A Loss To A Windfall

Even though €28 million might sound like a massive amount…well, it is really. But that’s nothing when compared to Playtech’s expected earnings…a whipping €320 million! So its little tax deductions pale in comparison. And what does that remind us of? It reminds us of suffering a loss at the Roulette table before winning big on black! Which we enjoyed in the Live Roulette lobby of course.