Who isn’t? The office Christmas party usually throws up at least one piece of gossip that lives on well past the last tunes have faded out. But when we talk about Wild Antics as an online slot, we are of course referring to Blueprint Gaming’s A Bug’s Life homage.

Do we think these ants get mental at Christmas time and find themselves trying to get it on with the Queen? (As in the actual Queen, rather than the queen of the office.) Maybe. Maybe it’s like Toy Story or Wreck It Ralph when the toys or characters of the slots come to life when we’re not playing them.

Maybe the craziness that the ant protagonists of Wild Antics get up to in the online slot version’s randomly-triggered bonus features. Aardvark Antics, Frantic Antics, Colossal Antics or Wild Antics – are just the tip of the iceberg. Or the ant hill when it comes to just how Wild they really get.Maybe they are as Wild as the Roaming Wilds, Multiplying Roaming Wilds, Expanding Roaming Wilds or Colossal Roaming Wilds that jazz up the Wild Antics bonus game.

Maybe they are even Wilder. Van Wilder. Gene Wilder. Theopholis T. Wilderbeast. The point is this: no matter how Wild you like it, Blueprint Gaming can ramp your Wildness up to 11.

So Wild, they can make even reasonably minded people start to put a capital W at the start of every Wild word they type. What do you mean they’ve got to me too? Let’s go Wild baby!