Slots are super fun to play. They’re bright, they’re colourful and they’re quick. But what’s just as colourful but even brighter and even faster? A scratchcard of course! Thankfully we’ve got plenty to choose from, all of which give us quickfire, super scratching action.

Pioneering Instant Wins

Gamevy have really paved the way for the best scratchcards and instant win games. It is its specialty after all. We’ve had football experiences on the studio’s Red Card instant game, where we get to pick from all the balls presented on the pitch in front of us. Numbered from 1 to 49, there are six red cards hidden. Select one and it’s game over. But succeed and we win the goal of a lifetime.  And what’s associated with football more than anything? Soft drinks of course. We’ve all seen the Pepsi adverts. So when scratchcard impresario Gamevy gave us 7Up! To drink in, a neon coloured scratchcard that sees us scratching off the multiple paylines to reveal prizes, it was a perfect fit that definitely quenches our thirst.

Scratchcards certainly set a new, fun and exciting scene for online gaming. But it’s been evolving over the years. Skillzz Gaming’s partnership with Microgaming brought us Battle Mania, a slot-come-instant game that introduced us to our very own RPG, featuring turn-based battles against a horde of demons, while we level up our own characters. Similarly, Microgaming gave us Poke the Guy. Ridiculous and weird, we have the chance to hurl weapons at a gyrating man over a world map. If it sounds bizarre, that’s because it is. But it’s also brilliant!

The Future Of Instant Wins

Although in their nature instant wins imply a quick game, these games are heading in a new direction. Some of them are still based on scratchcards. While others use slot features but in a quicker-to-win format. And others go even further out of the box, venturing into RPG style gaming. What can we expect next?