Have you been to a real life brick and mortar casino? Or a specialised resin and carbon fibre casino, for that matter?

Such is the trend for online casinos that many players you see sitting beside you at NetEnt’s Live Roulette table, for example, will never have visited flesh and blood live casinos. To the degree that when we say “Live Casino”, 8 out of 10 cats would probably think first of a Live online casino. So the opening of a real life, brand spanking, shiny new casino in Leeds proves that there is plenty of life in the old dog yet. And, judging from the pictures, apparently we can teach them new tricks.

For the beginning of this journey, we have to look back at the 2005 Gambling Act. Don’t panic. Before you stretch and yawn and decide that this is no longer for you, we aren’t going to go into a cavernous amount of dungeon talk. All that needs mentioning is that Tony Blair’s government dreamed of a UK that could see Las Vegas-style casino resorts open up in the UK. For reasons too numerous (and, yes, dungeony) to go into here, that didn’t happen. But this development in the heart of Leeds proves that there is public and industry appetite for a true casino experience.

Fuelled in no part by the success of top drawer Live Casino offerings like those from NetEnt which, quite frankly, have revolutionised the way we see live casinos and what they can offer us in terms of game-play and experiential iGaming excitement. Will this new casino pave the way for others new casino developments?

Whether you prefer the comfort of your laptop to the hubbub of a brick and mortar casino is a question only you can answer. But every iGamer should visit a full-on real life casino at least once, even if just to draw our own comparisons and conclusions. All aboard the next bus to Leeds, by gum.